Business Card Size & Dimensions

Standard sized for business cards in Australia and around the world. The standard size for a business card in Australia is 90mm x 55mm. This is an aspect ratio of 1.636.

In the USA the standard size is 88.9mm x 50.8mm. In Europe the card is the same height but has a smaller width at 85mm x 55mm. In Asia the business card size is very similar to the Australian size. The standard in Japan is 91mm x 55mm and in Hong Kong it is 90mm x 54mm.

It certainly pays to know this in advance if you require business cards for the overseas markets and clients as business card sizes can differ from country to country. Although in Australia the standard size is 90mm x 55mm, this does not mean you have this have this size. You can get custom sized cards and card sizes of 86mm x 54mm are becoming more popular in Australia.

Kanga Print provide customers with a range of options for business cards including stock, colour and quantity.

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