Top 5 reasons to invest in flyer printing for your business

21 Aug , 2017  

Flyer printing is one of the more creative marketing tools for your business. It allows you to communicate an extensive range of messages by giving you access to a blank canvas, which can be best designed to your convenience. While you may be considering the pros and cons of print flyers for your business, as opposed to other marketing tools that exist, we list the top 5 advantages of flyer printing that makes it an attractive option to consider:


Flyers allow for creativity: While you may have to select from a set of dimensions when placing an order for print flyers, the actual design itself is completely flexible. You can choose from a complete range of colours, layouts and font types, or have something customised created specifically for your business. This allows you to create collateral that is fully synchronised to your brand identity, instead of settling for colours and fonts that may just be slightly similar to what you had in mind. You can also choose to lay your content in a manner that you consider most appropriate, instead of relying on templates. With a designer, creativity in flyer printing has few bounds, and this only serves to represent your business in the most effective way possible.


Emphasis on calls to action: Since flyers are usually designed to promoted a specific business or event, the use of a call to action section is extremely common. A call to action on a print flyer will have the relevant contact details and links or information that is specific to the information you’re conveying. Not only does this help provide all the necessary information to the reader, it also conveniently tells them how to act on this information. The result? More responses to the event or business you were looking to promote.


Easy to produce: Print flyers are extremely simple to create and produce. All you need is the creative idea, a designer who can successfully convey the idea, and a printer. This makes it easier if you’re looking to promote something at the last minute too, since production times won’t necessarily delay the launch of the promotional campaign. The requirements to place a flyer printing order are also fewer than other marketing tools such as radio and television advertisements, hence resulting in much shorter lead times as well. Flyer printing is a great option if you have something interesting to promote, even if at the last minute.


Flyers are economical: Placing adverts in newspapers, radio and on television may be highly effective, but they are also more expensive. The volume of investment required in these forms marketing is higher and may not always be cost-effective, especially if yours is a business that is just starting out or has a relatively smaller volume of business. In such a case, print flyers would be a more suitable option, since they are much cheaper to produce, while also offering a similar volume of reach.


Portability: Because flyers are lightweight in comparison to banners and billboards, they are easier to transport and are portable. Which means you can distribute flyers in far off areas too, without having to worry about transportation costs. Its portability also lets readers fold them and put them away in their bags, increasing the chances of them holding onto your valuable information for future use.


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