Top 5 benefits of investing your EOFY budget in Postcards

20 Jun , 2016  

Postcards are considered to be an effective direct marketing tool by companies globally. Even in the digital age, companies invest in customised postcards as it is able to bring a higher return of investment for them. To help your business to decide & invest wisely, enclosed are some of the key advantages of customised postcards.


Available in multiple sizes – Postcards can be customised to fit into the campaign requirements unlike advertising mediums where space and format is restricted. Postcards can be printed in A4, A5, A6 & DL sizes. This opens up the creative possibilities to launch an effective & innovative campaign for a business.

Portable – The size of a postcard is portable enough to be put on a refrigerator and can be seen clearly from a distance too. It acts as a great reminder of your brand to your customers, even days after they receive it. People normally tend to keep aside the postcards which are creative or interesting as compared to other marketing materials which end up in the trash.


Postcards add a personal touch – Looking to add a personal touch? Majority of companies today rely on digital & electronic media to communicate with their audience. A great way to stand out from this clutter is to send out a postcard. Receiving a personalised postcard is a great feeling & it can make your prospective customer feel special.

Cost Effective – Compared to huge budgets that need to be invested to mainstream print & digital mediums, using postcards to promote your business is very cost effective. The only cost element involved for postcards is printing & mailing. Online postcard printing companies are able to print high quality postcards at affordable prices. That’s the reason even smaller business are able to invest in postcards regularly.

Quick turnaround times & cheaper to post – Working on a short deadline? Don’t worry. You can get postcards printed & ready to be sent out much quicker than any other marketing materials. As a result of the quick turnaround times of printing a customised postcards, you can ensure that your business does not miss out on any opportunities. Also, you can save more money as postcards cost lesser to post as compared to other marketing materials.

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