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26 Feb , 2017  

Iceland is covered in green and Greenland is covered in ice; Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama as the US President; and 25-40% of a retail business’s revenue comes from return customers. All three of these statements are facts but one definitely carries more shock value than the others: that up to almost HALF of a business’s revenue can come from return customers is, quite simply, astonishing.

So how do you make your customers come back for more? Here’s the thing: if a customer or supplier has purchased goods from you before, you don’t need to engage so much as reengage…

What was the last piece of mail your customers received from your business? Did you alert them to a price increase? Announce a company merger? Or perhaps you reached out to a supplier in an attempt to strengthen your partnership? The thing is, it doesn’t matter what you need to convey to your clientele, your message will come across in a far more official manner if detailed on a piece of customised business stationary, complete with a professionally designed letterhead.

Letterhead printing is an easy way to remain in the minds of your customers, remind them of your contact details, encourage them to get in touch, and keep them coming back. Here are Kanga Print’s top three tips for designing innovative letterheads:


  1. STAY SIMPLE. Your letterhead should not be crowded with information. It should not take anything away from the actual information you want to relay, whether that be an invoice, receipt, coupon, or newsletter. Include ways for your customers to get in touch, but don’t overpower the content displayed below.


  1. STOCK UP. A carefully selected paper stock sends an important message to consumers: you value them and their business. It also says that your business is valuable. Image is everything – and the impact you make when using 120 GSM uncoated linen sheets as opposed to standard paper is worth its weight in…return customers.


  1. STRUCTURE INFORMATION CAREFULLY. What do you want customers to see first? Your contact number or your logo? Put the most important details on display FIRST and then worry about what comes second, third, or not at all.


We might be talking about tangible, customised, business stationary, but you can organise all your letterhead printing online. Simply click here to get started.

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