Say It Softly Or Say It Loudly With Postcards

13 Jan , 2016  


Marketing cards are a popular and well regarded method for promotion. They can be used by any business or individual to raise awareness of a brand, shop, event, or for any other purpose needed.

Best of all, the impact and tone achieved when you print postcards is determined by your design – allowing a wide range of voices to be portrayed, from soft to loud and everything between.

Whisper With a Postcard

There are times when a sleek and sophisticated look might serve your endeavour better than a loud, “in-your-face” design. An air of exclusivity can entice an audience, and certain businesses and demographics respond best to what they consider “class”. Matte finishes and dark tones with simple colours or metallic highlights can exemplify this style.

Have a black tie event, intriguing after-party, high-end product or special offer to promote? A soft visual voice will serve you well. Think black and gold, navy and tan, multiple greys; timeless colour combinations go a long way in achieving this goal.

Businesses that deal with bridal services often use white, creams, and light floral colours for their marketing and promotions. While those involved are shouting for joy, the communications they respond to speak in more hushed tones. To capture the solemnity of life changing events, subtle yet beautiful can be key.

Memorial holidays such as ANZAC day will see black & white or sepia tones alongside splashes of red poppies and the Australian flag. A serene look is important when using promo cards to gather people together for solemn occasions.

Shout with Printed Marketing Cards

When you need to get attention quickly, you can use design and colours to produce a loud visual voice for your marketing cards. When going loud it’s wise to start your concept with vibrant photos, action-oriented symbols such as speech bubbles and star-burst shapes, large text and vivid colours.

For limited time offers and special sales where stock must move quickly, you can use bright colours and bold typefaces to get the word out. It is a good idea to keep the environments your cards will be placed or handed to potential customers in mind as well. There will always be competing visual information in shops and on busy streets.

Certain holidays, and by extension sales and events around them, call for loud colours and visuals. New Year’s events may feature fireworks while Valentine’s Day promotions use bold, striking reds. Easter sales show brightly coloured eggs and Christmas is a time for ornate, expressive images. The amount of businesses taking part in sales and events during these times makes catchy visuals even more important.

No matter what voice your message demands, Kanga Print can supply you with quality printed marketing cards at great prices. Order through our website or call our sales team at 1300 550 680 to get started today.

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