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26 Feb , 2018  

When postcards were first introduced to people, they were meant to replicate the brevity of telegrams, combined with the pace of regular mail. It was common to send postcard comprising short messages to loved ones when traveling for work or leisure, which meant being separated from them for prolonged periods of time. In those days, print postcards were used to send short messages across, alongside pictures of the place that the sender was in, as a way to share their visual discoveries.

Fast track to the present day, and you’ll notice that post cards continue to remain just as popular, giving both senders and recipients a chance to enjoy short communication with a picture to brighten up their day. When travelling, most people continue to buy postcards that they may store as a memory of their journey, or distribute among family and friends as a keepsake – and we at Kanga Print fully endorse the idea. People travelling for longer periods of time may even post them across to people they care about, adding a touch of nostalgia to their messages.

The popularity of postcards has been enhanced further, with businesses using them to promote themselves too. While this used to be the domain of hotels and tourism businesses, this has expanded to include a wider market too. Businesses can make the best use of custom postcards in product launches, event invitations, promotions and more, since this is a piece of collateral that won’t get thrown away as easily. The use of vivid colours and a smart design over good quality paper will ensure that people pay more attention to your postcard, which of course will include your logo, branding and promotional message, ensuring better top of the mind recall in the future.

When printing postcards for your business, experiment with quirky designs that would incorporate your logo and message in a creative manner, since it’s all about appealing to your target audience. Trying out unusual dimensions is also a creative approach to designing postcards since you will stand out from the crowd of mail that your audience would receive. Make the best use of the canvas made available to you by printing on both sides of the postcard. While the front will likely be more design heavy, the back can include elements that are subtler, yet easily noticed by your audience.

While this goes without saying, remember to allocate space in your custom postcard design for mailing or postmarking, or your postcard won’t get delivered! Mail elements may seem like they are obstructing your design, but they are an essential item that you must include. And finally, remember to include your business’ name, contact details and social media information, so your target audience has easy access to them, which will let them get in touch with you easily. Postcards are much like a business card in that way, helping your audience contact you easily.
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