Print Marketing Cards for Lasting Impressions

19 Nov , 2015  

marketing-card-a4-675x277Printing marketing cards is an excellent choice when a business needs to convey important information to customers. Marketing cards are a staple of conferences, tradeshows, and other events – but they are also great ways to reach potential customers in other venues, such as shops and places of business associated with a target market.

Printed Cards and Marketing for a Digital World

In our fast paced, digitally connected world the value of a printed marketing card cannot be understated. Vibrant colours, descriptive photos, and time-sensitive information such as event dates, can all be presented to an audience in a format that can be touched, taken, and saved. It creates a connection between where the card was found, the customer, and the advertised product, service, or event. In this way, a company’s message is nestled firmly between a customer’s memory and their plans for future purchases and event attendance.

Adding a QR code to a printed marketing card turns it into a multimedia artefact, capable of directing a customer to a shopping or sign-up page. This interplay between the real world and the customer’s digital life provides a valuable connection and element of play to the customer’s experience.

Size and Purpose

When printing postcards, size matters! You must not only plan around the project’s needs and demographic, but also around where the card will be obtained. It is a good idea to carefully consider the information you want to put on the card, where the card will be given or picked up by your customers, and how it will be carried and kept by your customer.

An A4, or letter size, printed marketing card is a very practical size for promotional material. Full colour photos and designs can be showcased with this size, as well as large printed text. This size is perfect for when you want to stand out at a conference or event, and printing double sided cards will allow you to capture your audience’s attention with an image on one side, while providing all the information they need on the other side.

An A5 sized card, half the size of A4, is perfect for customers who may slip your card into a handbag or jacket pocket. An A6, or postcard size, card is small enough to fit into a back pocket but large enough to showcase artwork, photos, and time-sensitive information.

DL Sized marketing cards are long, and are great for when you want to use a panoramic photo to showcase your business or event. They are the perfect size to use as a wide bookmark, which means your customers will have an excellent reason to hold on to your marketing card, and will be reminded of your business or event long after their first purchase or visit.

Printing Marketing Cards is cheap in Australia. When printing marketing cards businesses should take into account factors such as full colour or single colour, paper quality, paper finish, and quantity. The next time you need to print marketing cards, browse online for quality digital printing companies in Australia. Place your order for marketing cards today with Kanga Print to ensure your tradeshow, conference, and partner business marketing goals are achieved!

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