Poster printing for weddings

5 Oct , 2016  

The wedding season in almost upon us and everyone is trying to create the most memorable moment of their lives. Many styles of flower arrangements, wedding dresses and wedding stationery beckon and every detail has to be carefully considered.

The most care and attention is given to everything leading up to the wedding day, but what about on the day itself? When guests arrive at a wedding venue, are they continuously wowed by the design ideas?

Posters are a great idea.

So how do you use poster printing for weddings?

The most common way of using posters are welcome signs. Place them in front of the church to announce to guests and passers-by that a wedding is taking place inside. Another good placement is at the entrance reception hall, to direct guests inside.

Other interesting usages are as way signs at the reception, to separate different areas – such as gift reception, photo booths, sweet buffet and restrooms. The entire wedding would be themed with custom printed posters and your guests would commend you for being so organised.

Tips to keep in mind when designing posters

Keep the poster design consistent with the rest of the wedding stationery or wedding theme. It will ensure a cohesive style throughout.

Use large clear fonts. Wedding stationery frequently uses script style fonts and larger fonts always improve readability, especially from a distant.

Bigger is better – for best results and most impact, go for A2 or A1 sized posters

No matter what the printing requirement, Kanga Print will print and deliver across Australia. Place your order for poster printing today or call our sales team at 1300 550 680 to get started.

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