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6 Apr , 2017  

You know what they say?


“For maximum attention, nothing beats a good mistake.”


Now, we’re not entirely sure who ‘they’ are, but we are certain they’re not in the printing industry, because when it comes to printing, you’d be hard pressed to find a ‘good’ mistake. On the other hand, there are quite a few baddies to be wary of. Here are five of the most common printing mistakes we’ve seen in our time.


  1. Not having a quiet zone. Nobody likes a crowded train. Just like nobody likes a crowded information sheet, newsletter, or annual report. Space is vital for both those long trips home on the Pakenham line and your marketing material. Quiet borders should be placed at least 5mm from the edge of the paper and not a single thing should be placed within them. All together now: breathe.
  2. Forgetting to bleed. Ernest Hemingway famously said ‘there’s nothing to writing, you just sit at a typewriter and bleed.’ When it comes to printing, bleeding is also essential – but so many people neglect to do it. In order for your material to look ‘right’ when printed and trimmed, you need to extend, or bleed the background colour beyond the edges of the paper.
  3. Hard to read text. So many factors combine to affect the readability of text. You might be surprised to know that it doesn’t just come down to size, although, size is a…big one. Low contrast text and backgrounds, font style, and line spacing all contribute to whether or not your customers are taking in your information, or casting it aside.
  4. Incorrect file formats. It’s common to see .png and .gif file formats floating around on your computer – and for good reason. These formats are fine when you are viewing them on-screen, but do not convert well when printed.
  5. Loading your paper wrong-side-up. Are you printing cards? Labels? Tri-fold brochures? Fact sheets? Booklets? You need to ensure your paper is loaded in a way that will display the information correctly once all the folding and cutting has taken place.


These mistakes certainly garner a lot of attention – but it’s not the kind that you’d want for your business. And they are exactly the sorts of pitfalls you can avoid when you take advantage of our online printing services. Kanga Print’s professional design team and state-of-the-art printers come together to ensure top quality products at the best price – every time. But our services don’t stop there. We’ll help you put your materials together, get them printed and then deliver them to your doorstep – no matter where in Melbourne or country Victoria you happen to reside.


Our online printing company specialises in everything from invoice books to with compliments slips – no custom job is too big or too small. And with the many available paper finishes on offer, you will be certain to find the right fit for your printing needs. Give us a call on 1300 550 680 to discuss your next project.

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