It’s time to design and pre-order your Christmas cards

31 Aug , 2015  

Greeting cards play a significant role in expressing our emotions and care with personalised messages. We show the recipients that they are important to us, and we hope to make them feel special as a result. Christmas is a perfect time to send customised Christmas cards with a poignant message, an expected and beloved part of the season. Even though Christmas cards can be sent in digital format nowadays, recipients always appreciate printed Christmas cards sent through the post. They show the care, time and effort behind sending them in a way digital cards cannot. Businesses use Christmas cards to show their care and association with their customers, and people in this digital age like to receive printed Christmas cards.

Spring is on our doorstep in Australia, and that means it’s time for businesses across the country to start their preparations for the big festive and seasonal sales. It is time for businesses to design and pre-order Christmas cards so that they are ready for the season and so that their cards reach the customers in time. For businesses, printed Christmas cards are not only a medium to touch base with customers, but also an opportunity to show their gratitude and belongingness throughout the year. Sending customised Christmas cards will improve customer loyalty and increase your business’ brand awareness. Nowadays, many businesses send attractive gifts along with personalised Christmas cards as part of their customer retention strategies and upsell opportunities. Many businesses consider them to be marketing strategies to acquire new customers. The fact is that many recipients love to receive pretty gifts and appealing cards.

To make sure you are not running late this year for Christmas card printing, it is good to plan the design and schedule the printing in advance. Even if you find it very simple, the cards may need attention and care in order to design, print and deliver them on time to your customers and future prospects. The more attention you and your printers pay to the details, the better the results for you.

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