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Go the extra mile with customised Christmas cards

20 Sep , 2017  

Christmas is fast approaching, and soon it will be time to take a break to spend some quality time with your loved ones. The festive season is one where people are typically in good spirits, making this an ideal time to let your contacts know that they are in your thoughts and that you wish them well. Customised Christmas cards are a popular way to make this happen. Needless to add, the demand for Christmas card printing is at its peak towards this time of the year, with businesses hurrying to have their customised cards ready to go. Here’s our checklist to ensure the Christmas cards you print are the perfect representation of your business.


Use good quality paper: Businesses often use exciting designs but settle for card paper that is thin and flimsy, considering it to be more cost effective. However, it’s important to use good quality card paper, since it affects the overall feel of the card, especially since it feels nicer to touch. The cards you commission need to be of top quality, since they are also a representation of your business and will influence the impression you make on your business contacts.


Design and colours: Since Christmas cards represent your business in the festive season, they have the potential to double up as a branding opportunity. While it’s important to use a card design that is festive and elegant, you can always try using your brand colours or font, so your cards stand out as a token of your business. Also ensure your brand logo appears on your cards, since this is how most of your business contacts also identify you. However, bear in mind that this is a festive time, and that’s the purpose of distributing these cards. Hence, avoid using too many branding elements in your card, and maintain focus on the festive occasion instead, or you stand to appear too promotional, which isn’t ideal.


Personalised messages: Add a personal touch to your cards, since it shows you’ve gone the extra mile for your contacts. This includes addressing the cards to the recipient instead of using generic salutations. Using the recipient’s name in the card is a significant form of personalisation and is always appreciated. Similarly, the greetings in your card can also go beyond standard festive content. You could add an anecdote that they might know of, or a simple game to engage them in, or a joke that would make them crack up. As long as the message you include is understood by them, you can take liberties and make the card more interesting through personalisation.


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