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6 Apr , 2017  

Hello and welcome to the era of Google. We’re sure you’re familiar with the concept of googling…oh…everything? Wanting to know the top temperature in Penrith tomorrow? Google. Wind speeds on the beautiful beaches of Bondi at exactly 8:20am next Friday morning? Google. Whether it’s OK for your cat to be eating leftover peanut butter toast? Google.


There is absolutely no doubt about it – we’re living in an age in which information is incredibly easy to come by. Whether you want to find the Best Recipes for Using Up Leftover Mash or How to Reupholster a Set of Dining Room Chairs – there is a step-by-step online guide waiting for you.


Of course, with so much DIY action taking place across the globe, it’s only natural that a huge number of DIY fails will inevitably follow. Some are relatively harmless, like the birthday cake that fell apart as the last few notes of ‘Happy Birthday Linda’ were being belted out. Then there are the ones that are unfortunate – like the beauty blogger who snapped off a decent strand of hair while attempting to show her followers how to use a curling wand. And finally there are the downright hilarious ones – like the camera phone created by literally sticking together a phone and a camera with tape.


Are these people saving themselves money? Possibly. Were their DIY projects worth it? Probably not. And there-in lies the dark side of DIY – and the Internet. We’re constantly told that we can do it ALL by ourselves. While there are certain things you can do on your own with great success – like mowing your lawn and making gnocchi from scratch – there are other tasks that should be left to the experts. Like printing.


Whether you need a beautiful presentation folder to hand out at your company’s product launch, a new set of business cards, or a large volume of flyers for your next trade-show, Kanga Print can certainly help you out. No DIY required. The list below shows just some of the online printing services and products we offer:


  • Business cards – choose from a vast array of shapes or textures
  • Notepads, postcards, flyers and brochures – available in A4, A5, A6 and DL
  • Corporate stationary – including letterheads, compliments slips, and envelopes
  • Invoice Books – we have the knowledge required for this specific type of printing
  • Stickers – we print custom stickers in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • Calendars – choose from flat wall, desktop, or fridge magnet
  • Posters – available in A2, A3, and A4
  • Presentation folders – nothing better to take in to your next big meeting


Each of the above products has specific elements and features that our designers take into consideration when helping you create your show-stopping marketing materials. We have an unbeatable eye for detail and the very best printers and equipment to execute your printing brief.


We are an online printing company that understands the diverse needs of our clientele and we welcome a discussion about your next project. Simply give us a call on 1300 550 680 or fill out this form for a same-day quote.

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