Flyer Printing for a Children’s Day Care Centre

5 Oct , 2016  

For parent, one of the hardest things to do is to leave their child in the care of others. Children’s day care centers offer most working parents the peace of mind trained staff are looking after their most precious little ones. We have outlines some simple ideas and tips on how to create a strong day care center flyer.

Three main things that parents look for are the tone of the message and the details of service.  

Create a sense of trust and reliability. Make sure the flyer printing design conveys a message of being supportive and inclusive, safe and transparent and most importantly, that the child’s interest is at the heart of the business. 

Outline the services offered – meals, special programs, classes, late hours, if bookings are necessary. Showcase the environment and area where the children will spend their time doing the various activities. Don’t forget to include testimonials from other happy parents. A perception that others have had a very positive experience will go a long way.

3 top tips to creating a great flyer design:

  1. When using photos in your flyer, ensure you use minimum 300 dpi images. This will produce clear, sharp pictures after printing. It is always a good idea to get signed approval from parents if using photos of their children.
  2. The target audience are parents, not children, so make sure the font is attractive and legible. Outline all fonts to reduce font replacement issues when your artwork file is opened by the pre-press team.
  3. When approving your final proof, check that you’ve added operating hours, phone numbers and your location clearly on your flyer and the details are free of spelling errors and typos.

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