DL Flyers – Going the Distance

25 Feb , 2016  


Businesses have long since relied on printed materials to get word of their offerings out to the world. Amongst the many options for using print, flyer printing has proven to be invaluable for promoting brands, products and events. Small enough to be handed out on the street or left on a counter, yet large enough to be remembered, flyers are an integral piece of any communications strategy.

But what about when you need a little more? To break the mould and present your information in a way that’s as dynamic as possible? That’s where DL flyers come in. Usually 100mmx210mm, which is a third the size of an A4, DL flyers allow you to present your information in a wide screen or long form design.

To stand out amongst crowded countertops or promo tables, make use of a DL flyer’s extra length or width. The shape alone is an eye-catcher, and add a detailed graphic or panoramic photo and you have a clear winner.

DL Sized Flyers: Wide Impact

A benefit of the DL size is that you can go wide – especially great for businesses that utilise photography to get a large part of their message across. For travel and tourism, a panoramic shot beckons viewers to action. For hospitality, a wide angle or fisheye panorama can reveal large interiors to entice visitors.

Don’t need a panoramic shot? DL flyers allow you to integrate multiple photos into your design, or pair a great visual with text to guide readers from your product or service to a great call to action.

DL Flyer Design: Long Reach

Another great way to use the shape of DL flyers is to go lengthwise. Fantastic for fashion or any business that wants to show the human body up close and personal, the long orientation provides context to proper proportions and style.

With a lengthwise design, readers will read from top to bottom, which is great for lists and selling points. You can help direct your audience from message to message with graphic design features such as dotted lines and bold titles.

Whichever way you decide to lay out your DL flyer, the format provides impact and memorability for your audience. Depending on your demographic and where you plan to hand them out, you may want to consider designing your flyer with folding in mind, as people sometimes fold them to store away in a pocket when out and about.

When you need affordable DL flyers without compromising quality, Kanga Print is here to provide you with amazing service. Enquire online or call us today, no matter where you are in Australia we’re here to help!

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