Customised Christmas cards for a thoughtful, personal touch

28 Nov , 2017  

The festive season is a good time to let business associates and professional contacts know. The warm and welcoming atmosphere combined with festive dinners and get-togethers makes it an ideal time to share your good wishes with the people you work with, since you let them know that they are in your thoughts at this time of the year. Customised Christmas cards a popular way of greeting people, since you can communicate a heartfelt message to them in a manner that’s both engaging and appreciated.


Customised Christmas cards are also quite popular because they offer a personal touch, something you may not necessarily achieve with generic Christmas cards. Not surprisingly, this is the time of the year when Christmas card printing orders are at an all-time high, making it important that you place your orders well in advance, to avoid any delays. While giving people a customised Christmas card is a much-appreciated gesture on its own, we list some of the ways your Christmas cards can be more attractive to its recipients.


Sturdy card paper: This may seem like a no-brainer, but more often than not businesses may opt for paper that is flimsier, to end up with a cheaper order. If you’re looking to may a lasting impression on recipients of your Christmas cards, you must opt for card paper that is the right amount of thickness, while also being smooth to touch. You must remember that the cards you print are also a representation of your business, hence they need to make a strong impression on the people who receive them. Unsure what card paper would be right for you? Talk to our team today for the best advice suitable both to your needs and your budget.


Quirky designs: While classic artworks will always remain popular among people, fun design comprising elements from pop culture are an exciting way to greet people in the festive season. The use of memes or cultural references resonate with a younger audience that you can expect to be clued into popular culture. However, if the cards you print are for your business associates, you must ensure the design is appropriate and inoffensive, using cultural references that don’t demean anyone.


Personalised messages: This is one of the more prominent benefits of using customised cards, since not only can you choose to include or exclude a message, you also get to decide what message you would like used. It’s always recommended to use more than one message so you can tailor your cards for different recipients, for an added touch. But if that seems too arduous, using a single, more generic message works just as well. Adding a personal touch to your cards shows that you’ve gone the extra mile for people you care about, adding more value to your business relationships.


Interested in printing customised Christmas cards for your business? Contact Kanga Print today for Christmas card printing services that suit your needs.

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