A Personal Touch With Compliment Slips

23 Dec , 2015  


In a world of cold digital communication there is nothing quite as warm and friendly as a printed compliment slip. They are the perfect choice for when you want to give your customers and business partners a special, personal touch without conceding professionalism.

A compliment slip allows you to combine your letterhead design with a short, handwritten note – showing far more care and consideration than a stock e-mail or text. It allows you to connect with your customer or business partner on a personal level while maintaining the structure and voice of your business.

The connection made with a handwritten note is valuable; it provides the receiver with the knowledge that they were worth the time spent away from your keyboard. In this digital age it is rare to see another person’s handwriting, as nearly all of our correspondence, even those sent physically through printed letters, is created with our keyboards. This makes compliment slips a powerful way for forging deeper connections, as they stand out and provide the recipient with an uncommon view of the sender.


Informal Purpose, Formal Results

Printed compliment slips are used for informal communication. They are not meant to replace a full letter in cases where formal communication is required for legal or contractual reasons. That said, compliment slips are a fantastic follow-up to formal communication. When a deal is finalised, work is delivered, or a milestone is reached, there is no better stamp of approval than a compliment slip bearing a written tiding of appreciation.

Compliment slips fill an important niche – they do not replace a formal letter, nor do they replace a personal letter such as the kind you would send as a response to an enquiry. They are the ultimate follow-up, and serve to connect the design and branding of your business with the personalities that drive it.

Printing compliment slips is cheap and effective in Australia. When printing compliment slips businesses should take into account factors such as full colour or single colour, paper quality, paper finish, and quantity. The next time you need to print compliment slips, browse online for quality digital printing companies in Australia. Place your order for compliment slips today, and start sending out thank you notes and acknowledgements with that special handwritten touch.

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