4 Reasons You Should Print Business Cards

25 Jan , 2017  

Back in the 18th century, if you were visiting a household for the first time, your business card would not have been a negotiable – it would have been a necessity. Servants would answer the door with a special tray – on which you would diligently deposit your card – and then wait. Your card would be delivered to the lady of the house, who would examine it carefully. Only her approval would gain you entry into the household for a face-to-face discussion. One thing’s for sure folks, in the 18th century, your business card could make you or break you.

But what about today? We’re living in an age where information is just a mouse click away. Are business cards still relevant today?

While a good card probably won’t guarantee entry into any household or client meeting of your choosing, there are many benefits to a embarking on a business card printing mission. Here are our top four.

  1. Marketing tool – an extension of your brand. Sure, anyone can jump on LinkedIn to gather contact details. But this just means that your business card needs to be more than a set of contact details. Business cards offer a way for you to distinguish your brand from competitors’ and to make an excellent first impression at client meetings. Keep the card consistent with your brand and you’ll give people a snapshot of what you’re about and a reason to jump online to check out your site. Your business is a tree trunk; your business cards are a branch. The more branches you create – the further your reach!
  1. A personal exchange in an impersonal digital age. A hand shake, a smile, an introduction, a card swap. It’s a visual and tactile experience that cannot be recreated online.
  1. Be prepared. You know what they say? You could meet many clients in a day. Even in the most unexpected meeting, you may appear smooth and composed with your words and pitch your company’s best assets, but if you then scribble your details onto a napkin for that prospective customer to take away with them – what kind of an impression are you leaving them with?
  1. Good ones get shared. Think of just how many people could potentially be exposed to your brand, website, contact details – without you having to do a thing. It’s free, effective marketing.

The best part is, a beautifully designed and printed card doesn’t have to cost the earth – get started with cheap business cards today by calling 1300 550 680.


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